Climbing the Ladder: How to Ace the Corporate Competition

Today’s workplaces are more competitive than ever. To distinguish yourself in the office, you not only need to work hard, you need to work smart. In today’s workplace, it is perceived that each filled position has countless other qualified candidates just waiting in the applicant pool. When it comes to your position, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your company never meets those candidates – at least not while you’re employed there.

The Proposal

After countless hours of hard work and unpaid overtime, raising your value to the company could all come down to how you present yourself when it is important. All of that means nothing if you can’t put together a gripping proposal and eventually win over the new client. A few of us are born to be naturally gifted presenters – but for the remaining 98%, we might need a boost. That’s where proposal outsourcing comes into play. Handy third party services step in to lend a hand when you’ve received a Request-for-Proposal (RFP), and they can help you every step of the way to ensure your presentation is solid from start to finish.

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Getting People to Know You

It will certainly get you far. It’s important to be a familiar face, a friendly person in the kitchen, or a good laugh at the Christmas party – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It all takes time and effort, many days trekking to the company softball field when all you want to do is go home. It takes the effort of forcing yourself out of the chair at your company picnic to talk to someone out of your department for a change. It’s out of your comfort zone and may feel painfully awkward at times, but all of a sudden, it pays off. That’s the moment that you’re recognized by a department head with whom you’ve never worked directly, and it becomes clear that your name is being shared amongst the higher-ups in the best of ways. Keep it up. All of this adds up when you step into your boss’ office to demand that promotion.


Whether you have it or fake it, it matters most that you exhibit it. Show conviction in your decisions. Be assured that your clients will be won over. Your confidence speaks volumes about who you are as an employee, coworker and person. And when your boss has a new challenging project that could launch your career, he will be more inclined to give it to you if he thinks that you think you can handle it. Bring confidence into the room with every meeting and suddenly, things will start to go easier and people will start to consider you differently.

Putting in the Hours

There is no secret to hard work. It’s not always a necessity for a quick reward, but it’s absolutely imperative for anyone who wishes to go far in their career. And it’s not easy. The words ‘hard’ and ‘work’ should be enough to tell you that working until 11 when your friends have front row tickets to the big game is never an easy thing to do. It’s entirely up to you whether your career and your company mean that much to you and it won’t always be appreciated by your boss. Working smart is just as important as working hard, so be selective with the nights you pass up your plans and the nights when you decide to call it quits and accept what you have.


The bottom line is most important for every company. They want to see results in the form of a bigger budget and growing work. Make it your mission to win more business and they’ll make it their mission to ensure your efforts are well-rewarded, because suddenly you’ll become indispensable. Make good use of a proposal management service, walk into every room with confidence, and have the hard work to back it up – when you win those contracts and bring in that new business, you won’t need to demand your next promotion or raise.

Author: By Sandra Clarrison, an upper management level employee at the company in which she started out as an entry level associate.

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