Foursquare: 6 Remarkable Use of Your Data

For most people, Foursquare is just an ordinary app for social activities just like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Although I often find Foursquare as being over sharing and dangerous, it does have some interesting benefits for your daily living.

  1. Heat Map for Your Check-Ins

Heat map is a way of showcasing your geographical data by the use of color. The often you check in a certain place, the more intense the color will be in your map. Since this requires the help of Google map, you need to sign in first in your Google and Foursquare accounts.

Once you have checked in and choose your color, you can then share your data to the public. For example, every time you have a meeting with a loyal client to discuss about business ideas, you can see his favorite spot each time he calls for a meeting.

foursquareHowever, this can also be considered as sensitive information and you can delete it anytime you want.

  1. Recall The Last Place

Foursquare can help you recall the last time you visited a certain location. If you constantly check in Foursquare, you will have data on the places you visit at a certain place and time. The app has a history tab that you can use to find previous information.

  1. Lifelog

Lifelog is documenting your daily activities with the help of gadgets and apps. Lifelogging is like journaling in a more modern way and this can help you monitor your health, exercise or in this case, your even your great business ideas. Foursquare can be use as your lifelog and for a more visual effect, utilize Google map to record your activities.

  1. Monitor your Mileage and Expenses

If you want to monitor your spending habit, then you can use Foursquare by simply checking in places that you spent money on. If you want more privacy, opt for a private check in to avoid from the public eyes.

Use your check ins and compare it with your bank statement to see how much you have wasted or save. Service such as Fournacial can make tracking money easier although you have to enter every amount that you’ve spent on each check ins.

  1. Share it in Facebook

You can let your friends know where you are through Foursquare by linking it with Facebook. All your friends get to see your location even when they do not have any Foursquare account.

  1. Find Out Where to Go

Although this app mainly stores information about you, it can also guide you to about where to go, find discounts and sales by using a third party app that connects with Foursquare.

You can know what is the less busiest time to visit galleries or museums and get the best deals in town through the Check In Deals. It will also inform users about upcoming deals in different stores in town.


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With great experience on various fields, Jordan has always wanted to share his thoughts, great business ideas and experiences. And where could the best place be than the internet? Find out more about Jordan and his adventures through readings his blogs. Your comments and suggestions and his next adventure is welcome.

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