Social Documents Distribution and Result++ (SMO)

Let us have a discussion about social documents (PDF, Presentations, PPT, Brochure) submissions, its principle and result scope.

Most of us publish some documents publicly on some website which allow it. For e.g: Scribd, Google Docs, Slide-share etc. But at first you must keep following things in your mind

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How to Create the Document

  • Content of your document should not be taken from any website it must be fresh.
  • Search for things, stuffs not matter your website have those information or not :
  • You should give complete information about any subject so reader get interact, and allured to download.
  • Call of Action as hyperink, website url, contact numbers should be appear on the place where user can take rest for a while.
  • There must be a contact page, with address and contact details will be added plus if social method of contact is there so that user can get in touch on other platform too.
  • The document must follow a theme like a website.
  • Relevant images also has importance and create plus on user`s mind.
  • Idea should be focused on any part of website (packages, products, services) so that user can find similar things on document as well as website.

How to Submit Document

  • You must have a complete profile on the website where you are going to submit your document so that user can identify you well. A Bio, Website Information, Social Profile Links etc. will make a mark.
  • Try to submit your document in maximum number of the social documents sites.
  • You must create a unique title, and descriptions for documents, and select proper category which reflect your product best.
  • You must keep public url for so that you can share it on the another social media where you can not submit your document directly.

Expected Result

  • Google declared that they catch links in PDF,  so you can get a back-links opportunity
  • You can get a links from social profile Bio, which is refreshed and updated after every submission you made.
  • You will get new visits on every submission.
  • Number of documents on the web will create your brand and online popularity on web as well as on user mind.
  • Downloaded documents will have chances of referral contacts. Call backs using contact info, and further has the chance of business leads.
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